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Image MassageThe Texas Board of Massage Therapy regulates those engaged in the practice of massage therapy in Texas. The Board governs the issuance of licenses, registrations and certificates for individuals.

The Board initiates investigations into complaints and self-reports concerning a massage therapist's possible non-compliance with the law, and determines and administers disciplinary actions if it is determined that Texas law has been violated.

Legal services offered for Texas Board of Massage Therapy

Legal services offered for Texas Board of Massage Therapy issues include:

Licensing Board Defense:
If you have a pending or forthcoming legal issue with the Texas Board of Massage Therapy, Attorney Yong J. An can aggressively and effectively defend your license.

Complaint/Investigation Response:
A complaint filed against you may subject your license to an investigation that results in probation, suspension or revocation. Once you receive notice of a complaint or investigation from the Texas Board of Massage Therapy it is important to call Attorney Yong J. An, as soon as possible, to ensure an accurate and effective defense of your license.

Criminal Reporting Requirements:
All licensed health care professionals in Texas must report nearly any criminal charge to their licensing board within 10 days. If you have been charged with a crime we can assist you in reporting the charges to your licensing board.

Application and Forms Review:
An application for a professional license that includes errors or omits necessary information can lead to unnecessary delays or the denial of your application. An attorney review of your application can give you the best chance to receive your license in a timely manner.

Recent massage experience of the Law Office of
Yong J. An

Recent massage experience of the Law Office of Yong J. An include:

  • Our recent Massage Licensing Case Results.

  • Attended over 12 informal conferences in Austin before Massage Therapy Board.

  • Currently represent 20 massage shop owners in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.

  • Currently teaches Business Practice and Ethics at a Houston massage school.

If you need legal assistance with a Texas Board of Massage Therapy issue, contact Attorney Yong J. An today!


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