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Philosophy of the Law Offices of
Yong J. An - Criminal & License Defense

Attorney Yong J. An

Attorney Yong J. An will represent you in the following 5 steps:

1) Initial Consultation:
The law firm will discuss the facts of your case and the charges pending against you. The law firm will explain the relevant laws that are applicable to your case along with any possible defenses.

2) Investigation:
Attorney An will research the facts of your case, interview witness, take statements, obtain surveillance, and obtain other necessary records that will be beneficial to your defense.

3) Plan:
Attorney An will devise a legal strategy with solid evidence that is suited to explain your position in the case and defend you.

4) Pretrial:
Attorney An will negotiate with the Assistant District Attorney to expedite the resolution of your case based upon credible evidence.

5) Jury Trial:
Attorney An will represent you in court and leverage 11 years of his experience as a state and federal prosecutor in your defense.

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